The washed gravel flooring represent the evolution of the classic aesthetic concrete floors. The ease of installation and our technical suggestions allow, even to companies not specialized in this sector, to realize valuable works at an absolutely affordable final cost to everyone.



The floors in washed stone, also known as architectural flooring, offer space to the creativity of the designers as they do not create limits to their inventiveness and their ideas. The possibility of pigmenting the starting concrete with colored oxides, the opportunity to be able to choose the type of aggregate to be used both as a color and as a shape and the advantage of being able to use the base concrete as if it were the piece of a mosaic (through specific formworks to be built if necessary) are the strengths on which architects and urban planners can concentrate to guide their creative imagination.



The particular effect that the superficial deactivating PRERIT SOLUTION creates on the floor, exposing the natural aggregates of the most variegated colors that make up the concrete, in turn drowned in colored cement, makes these floors very similar to stone floors, integrating perfectly with the surrounding environment.



Made of concrete, the outdoor deactivated floors exploit the performance characteristics of a material known and used in the most disparate situations for over a hundred years, as regards the resistance to compression and impact, to abrasion and to traffic stresses, excellently prepared for freeze-thaw cycles, with anti-slip effect and excellent overall durability.



Being in effect the floorings deactivated with visible gravel effect, “normal” concrete floors with the architectural variant, their cleaning and maintenance over time is easy and cheap. The FLOORTECH PRERIT construction technology allows the concrete, both in terms of structural performance and the colors with which it is made, to remain intact over time without the need for costly maintenance.