The “architectural concrete” or “washed gravel” flooring is nothing more than a “traditional” paved concrete driveway or not unlike which, through a specific “deactivating” surface treatment, highlight the aggregates that make it up.

In this way the already unquestionable properties of concrete (compression resistance, easy workability, easy availability of raw materials on site, etc.) are combined with an aesthetic quality that perfectly integrates with the surrounding environment, being very aesthetically similar to the colors of a stone, and for these reasons very appreciated by designers and clients in cases where “normal” concrete would not be accepted.

As an example: squares, playgrounds, areas subject to architectural restrictions, redevelopment of avenues, cycle paths, residential buildings, etc.


FLOORTECH PRERIT is a low environmental impact technology concerning the realization of packaged concrete floors by “simply” mixing with the correct amount of water: cement (gray or white), clean sand, river stones, natural stone or fine marble chips, coloring iron oxides (if any), multifilament polypropylene fibers (READYMESH PM-120) and a special mixture of additives to improve the performance of the final concrete (PRERIT COMPOUND).

After the surface has been deactivated using the specific PRERIT SOLUTION deactivator and once it has hardened, the flooring will be treated with specific water-oil repellent solutions (PRERIT SURFACE).

The “washed gravel”, also known as “washed stone”, is a practical and long-lasting solution, ideal for creating elegant, impressive exterior surfaces at an affordable price. Its mechanical, aesthetic and durability properties are truly remarkable. The anti-slip effect, even immediately after a heavy rainfall, makes it perfectly safe, hygienic and compliant. It is an excellent compromise between performance characteristics, aesthetic result, overall durability and price compared to any other outdoor flooring on the market.